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Write your academic manuscript in just 7 days

Manuscript writing course – for medical or scientific researchers writing for publication

This online course is for anybody procrastinating about getting started with writing up their research. It is also perfect for researchers who are new to manuscript writing.

As a professional medical writer I am frequently contacted by academic researchers who simply do not know how to begin writing their manuscript. In this 7 day course I will lead you through the process step by step. You will not only complete your manuscript quickly but you will learn lots of hints and tips that professional medical writers use to speed up the process of manuscript writing. I have acted as a reviewer for a number of well-respected peer-reviewed journals, and can teach you how to avoid common errors that lead to manuscript rejection.

Follow the simple steps in my online course and within just 7 days you will have a complete manuscript that is journal submission ready.

Who is this course for:

  • All procrastinators who need to get the writing process started
  • All academic researchers about to start writing a new manuscript
  • Experienced researchers who have been putting off writing up their results
  • New researchers who have no idea where to start

What’s included:

  • 7 modules (one per day) delivered as video presentations outlining step by step what you need to do to get your manuscript written
  • Just some of the topics covered include:
    • Writing a winning covering letter to the journal
    • Tips for ensuring your manuscript has the highest chance of being accepted
    • Guide to choosing an appropriate journal: basic guide to journal impact factors, H-indexes and i10 indexes.
    • Deciding on co-authors
    • How to get your co-authors to be active and efficient participants in the writing and editing process (BONUS: includes email templates for you to copy)
    • Journal editors pet peeves
    • Structuring your introduction
    • How to conduct an efficient and thorough literature review for your introduction
    • Step by step instructions for setting up your reference management system
    • What journals want to see in the materials and methods section
    • How best to present your results – graphs, tables, statistics and written results – including top internet resources to help you upskill quickly
    • Magic formula for structuring your discussion and how to use examples from the body of literature to make your case
    • Addressing the strengths and weaknesses of your work
    • Access to my top secret word bank to make your writing flow
    • Writing a killer abstract that complies with the journal word count
    • How to respond to referees comments
    • Plus much much more
  • Accompanying PDF notes and resource lists
  • Email support during the 7 day course and for up to 4 weeks afterwards to address any questions you may have
  • The option of a critical review and edit of your completed manuscript by me at a heavily discounted rate of only AUD* $450


*Australian Dollars (exchange rate from AUD to USD will vary and you should contact your bank for the exact exchange rate on the day you make your payment, but as a rough guide $1 = 0.75 US).



$890.00 $490.00