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Are you organising a Medical Advisory Board Meeting?

” Medical advisory board meetings are an integral part of the healthcare and, in particular, the pharmaceutical landscape. These meetings serve to identify knowledge gaps in a specific therapeutic area and to suggest measures that could be implemented and followed to bridge the identified gaps.”  – N. Singh,  Medical Writing, 2016, 25 (4), p.37.

A professional medical writer can ensure that all discussions are accurately recorded and write up a fully referenced report, outlining who said what and creating a valuable document.

There are significant costs involved with holding a medical or pharmaceutical advisory board meeting, including venue hire, flying KOL’s in from around the country, catering etc. A professional medical writer can ensure that every important point is recorded and produce comprehensive meeting minutes and executive summary report.

Services I can offer include:

Medical advisory board meetings

  • Attendance at medical or pharmaceutical advisory board meetings around Australia
  • Professional, accurate and reliable services
  • Record keeping and report writing services including voice recording and photography as required
  • Meticulous note-taking and report writing
  • Rapid turnaround with full report usually returned to clients within 3 business days of the meeting
  • Background research and full bibliography using EndNote software

Medical conferences and other meeting types

  • In addition to medical advisory board meetings I can also assist with scientific steering committees, expert committees and forums
  • Medical conference coverage includes attending oral and poster sessions, record keeping, writing news articles and conference reports
  • Interviews with researchers, scientists and key opinion leaders
  • Live Twitter coverage at conferences as required

Resources for meeting organisers

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