Online Course in Academic Writing Available Now!

I am really excited to be launching my new online course ‘The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Academic Manuscript’. I have spent many weeks working hard to put together amazing resources to help you succeed.

Please contact me or click below to download the course curriculum and find out more and to be notified when enrolment opens.

  • Write with confidence
  • Expert advice & feedback
  • Step by step instructions
  • Learn at your own pace
  • 7 comprehensive modules
  • Inside tips & tricks

As an experienced, published academic and professional medical writer I would like to share my insider knowledge to help you write your manuscript and get published.

I have designed my online coaching course for honours, Masters and PhD students, early career researchers, and those taking their first steps into academic publishing.  During my course I take students step by step through the writing process, ensuring every detail is covered.

This course is perfect for:

  • Medical, health and biological researchers
  • Early career researchers about to start writing their first manuscript
  • Masters and PhD candidates seeking guidance
  • Medical trainees writing reports for board certification/advanced clinical training
  • Anyone who has no idea where to start when writing a journal article
  • All procrastinators who need to get the writing process started

According to Helen Sword, writing in the Times Higher Education Supplement:

“…most universities worldwide, doctoral students are offered little or no formal training in the writing-related skills that they will need as academics or full-time researchers.”

“about 70 per cent of my survey respondents across a range of demographic categories (age, career level, gender, discipline, language background and country of origin) reported that they associate both positive and negative emotions with their academic writing.”

As a professional medical writer I am frequently contacted by academic researchers who simply do not know how to begin writing their manuscript.  The sheer enormity of the task and unfamiliarity with structure and syntax used in academic writing can feel overwhelming. Add a busy supervisor who does not have much time to spare and feelings such as being overwhelmed, stressed and simply stuck as to how to move forward are all too common.

As you work through my comprehensive course you will feel confident that you are making progress and heading towards a completed manuscript you will be proud of. In the process you will learn lots of hints and tips that professional medical writers use to speed up the process of manuscript writing.

As a reviewer for a number of well-respected peer-reviewed journals, I will give you insight into how reviewers think, how to write a covering letter to optimise the chance your manuscript will be accepted and how to respond to reviewers comments.

I also offer one-to-one academic writing coaching and training. This represents incredible value for money, as editing, email support and two one hour phone calls are included.

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