“You have been a wonderful help to our efforts in advancing MS research in Australia. 
I have enjoyed your terrific commitment and professionalism.”
CEO, MS Research Australia

“This is very good thank you Ruth! It’s excellent!
Thank you so much for writing that” –
Australian CEO, Global Charity

“Ruth is bright, hard-working and well motivated.
Her attention to detail and interpersonal skills are exceptional.
Her publication record, achieved in a short space of time, speaks for itself.
I cannot recommend her highly enough” –
Professor, University of Oxford

“Thanks for your help with this project – 
we were glad to have you on board and look forward to more projects in the future” – 
Director, an Australian Consultancy

“I’ve have a look over what you’ve written – it is fabulous.
I can’t thank you enough.”
Director, an Australian Contractor

“I have just had a discussion with the institute director –
he was really pleased (as was I) with your report”  –
Editorial Manager, an Australian Research Institute

“I have known Ruth Hadfield for 10 years…
she has a keen enquiring mind, is highly organised, meticulous…
her career so far attests to her great talent” –
Professor, University of Sydney